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Honeyport | 2016 Hello World

This is the first blog entry. On 20.05.2016 this website went online. Today, on 31.05.2016, I rework this first entry because I think, I have now implemented all the important features.

This is my first finished WordPress theme. Well, “finished” is a relative term. A digital product will never be finished. There is still something to implement, to set, to revise or to test. However, this attitude leads to the fact that many of my projects usually don’t receive the status “finished”. But for this project, I have stuck to a sentence of Steve Jobs. In January 1983, when Apple was months behind with the development of the first Macintosh, Jobs changed the credo of the Mac team from “Don’t compromise!” to “real artists ship!”.

“Real artist ship”

If you do not compromise, you will never be finished. And you should frequently avoid compromises. But regardless to this one you can always achieve an acceptable state, which everyone can enjoy, despite the more or less obvious flaws and then you carry about further improvements in the background. This attitude to “ship incomplete” is very usual in software development, which you can see in the current version number in the name of many software projects (e.g. Firefox, Android, …). So this is version 1.0 of my theme “McKinney”, which has so far following highlights:

  • responsive design
  • retina ready
  • blog index grid
  • cookie policy banner
  • full-screen navigation
  • languages: German, English

Still missing features:

  • favicons (for Several devices)
  • light-boxes
  • contact form
  • code highlighting
  • SEO, Google Analytics, site performance, Microdata 

Not forgotten the various bug-fixes that will arise over time. I will document the revisions and write about it in a new post.

Each new website includes also the optimization of the server. Again, I will sum up the settings I made in a future post.

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